T he innovation of the products for us here at L’Erbolario, is the key issue. This is shown by the fact that every year we create up to 40 new cosmetics, thanks to dedication and professionalism of the 16 researchers (graduates in biology, pharmacy, chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, chemistry and toxicology) which rotate around Research and Development.

These products are not only innovative in fragrancy and packaging but each of them have a high creative freshness shown by the use of always new and more performing prime materials and by carrying out the safety, efficacy and anti-allergic tests always more advanced.

The pride of L’Erbolario is the newly created Extracts Research Laboratory in which it exists two parallel research activities: one being of a phytochemical nature and the other a strictly chemical-analytical one.

The phytochemical activity consists in creating production methods of vegetal extracts, all intended for private consumption. Beside the traditional techniques which are still today very present, of the filtering the laboratory experiments also the newest extraction techniques so as to optimize the extraction process based on the nature of the starting veteal material (leafs, flowers, roots, etc) and of the chemical nature of the characteristic principles of the plant.

In the field of chemical-analytical application the realization of the analyses methods to determine the quantity of some components which are of particular interest such as for example, solar filters, and natural organic substances, in the finished products (creams, baths, perfume water etc.)


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