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…more than 35 years naturally with us

M ore than of 30 years…, each anniversary celebrated with our most loyal customers, who have known about and chosen the quality of L'Erbolario products for so many years. Our history is marked by a huge range of formulations: there are now more than 600 specialties created for care of the face, body and hair, for protection against the sun, for children's skin, for the air and environments of the home and, when required, they can be elegantly gift-wrapped into delightful and highly appreciated presents. This gives us a great satisfaction, since it is always a pleasure to satisfy your every desire in full.

Profession: L'Erbolario

The large L'Erbolario production plant is flanked by a building housing the administrative and sales offices, where fervent teamwork continues apace from day to day. In so many years of activity, L'Erbolario has added new professional figures to its team, all important for the success of the company: a team of herbalists, biologists, pharmacists, cosmetologists, doctors and chemical engineers, working side by side in harmony.

A decisive role is played within the company by the R&D Laboratory, where research into raw materials and innovative cosmetics makes it possible to develop new phyto-cosmetics which are safer, of higher quality and more pleasant. Each stage linked to the creation of the products is absolutely essential. Our formulations are created and calibrated with scientific rigour and then elegantly packaged. Their gentle and harmonious image is placed in the hands of a large group of illustrators and artists, headed by our chief graphic artist.


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